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1. Dare to Act
Each person would have a goal to be achieved. Whether it is to achieve a particular job, creating an instrument, or writing a book. Sometimes the goals to be reached was unanimous and clear. But not infrequently the purpose it was still blurry. A goal can be achieved by various means known to the strategy. Proverb says, many roads lead to Rome. Similarly, to achieve the targets and goals, there are many strategies that can be selected.

But as good as any goal to be achieved, any sophisticated strategy that is prepared, it will be useless without action. Yes, an action will determine whether you succeed or not. An action will test whether the strategy you use is right or not. But unfortunately, many people just stop with a goal and strategy alone. Remember that without action, nothing happens.
So, after you set goals and devise a strategy, then do.
Dare to act.
TAKE ACTION to the make it happen.
2. Responding to Failure
There are many reasons when someone is evasive and delaying an action: scared, lazy, and afraid to fail. What exactly is failure? Why are we afraid of failure?
Each action will bring consequences: succeeded or failed. We said something to succeed if what is targeted is reached. And we said to fail if the results are not as expected. Therefore, the success and failure is part of the game of life. There are times when you succeed and sometimes fail anyway.
By acting then you open the opportunity of 50% successful and 50% fail. Meanwhile, if you procrastinate and do nothing, in fact you lose 50% chance to succeed.
So do not be afraid to fail. Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before she managed to find a filament incandescent lamp. The people who we admire for their achievements and successes in various fields also have experienced previous failures. Do not believe? Try asking them.
Often people who succeed are people who have repeatedly failed. They never fell, stumbled, but bounced back. Failure to give us a lesson to redefine what the objectives are and the strategies we use in the act.
A baby learning to walk also failed many times before it finally can stand upright and walk steadily.
Sikapi failure wisely. Take a lesson from every failure and make input to determine actions and strategies for your next.
 3. Addressing the situation
The easiest job is to find the fault of another party. Unfortunately, this also often do a lot of people. When the target is not reached, we blame the boss is not giving support, co-workers who are not cooperative. When it rained, we blame the wet clothes and the streets are jammed.
World full of various events that can be pleasant or unpleasant. And there are so many events that we can not manage the situation. The good news, we can choose what response we intend to give. Response is what ultimately determines the outcome. Not the circumstances or situations that are all around us.
When Apple plans to make the iPhone, they are faced with the unfortunate situation. They had no experience at all in the field of mobile phone and have to compete directly with long experienced manufacturer such as Nokia.
If you want to blame the circumstances, it is very easy to say, "We do not have the expertise to make mobile phones. Players who are already very experienced. Should we make something else. "
However, Apple chose a different response. They do not want to blame circumstances and situations that are not profitable. History proves they can finally make a revolutionary mobile phone that is not imaginable before.
Unfortunate situation turned into an opportunity to make a cell phone is different from most and make the new standards. Although no experience at all in the field of mobile phones, they have another advantage: experience in the field of computers and an intuitive interface. Then be a mini computer that can be used to communicate.
In life, you will be dealing with people who are annoying and disappointing events. You will lose if continuously influenced by circumstances. If you responded with annoyance and disappointment, then a beautiful day to be somber. Conversely, if we respond positively , seeing a chance at turning a difficult situation, then we can change every day so enjoyable.
Life would be more healthy, body and soul.
Similarly, the three lessons that I want to make you.
From now on, do not delay to act when you have to do it.
Do not be afraid to fail because failure is the first step to success.
Choose an attitude and a positive response to anything that happens around you.
Surely you can undergo any event with kindness.
Happy to work and act.

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