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Tes, Measurement, and Evaluation represent three different term but interact. Many people dont know clearly [relation/link] and difference among third its[his], so that the term imprecise often its use. To be clear following will be elaborated by [relation/link] and difference [among/between] tes, measurement, and evaluation.
Tes is appliance or instrument used to obtain;get information about object or individual. As a means of compiler of data or information, tes have to be designed peculiarly. Specialty of tes seen from problem form of tes used, question type, given question formula, and its answer pattern have to be designed according to kriteia which have been specified. And so do reserved for time [reply/ answer] question and also administration of tes is also designed peculiarly. Besides aspect which is limited diteskanpun. Usually cover cognate domain, afektif, and psikomotor. The specialtys differ [among/between] one tes with other tes. This Tes can in the form of question written, interview, perception about unjuk work physical, checklist, and others.

Measurement [is] data collecting process or [done/conducted] information objectively. Through activity of measurement all program which concerning growth in the field of any kind of can be controlled and evaluated. Result of measurement in the form of kuantifikasi of distance, time, amount of, and size measure of etc. Result of from measurement expressed in the form of number able to be processed statistically.

Evaluation [is] always executed referred to target of which wish to be reached in an activity. Evaluation represent process [gift/ giving] of meaning or consideration concerning value and meaning of something that considered. Something that considered the can in the form of people, object, activity, situation, or an certain unity.

Equally evaluate [is] process determination of price or value of gathered data. [Gift/ giving] of consideration concerning meaning and value cannot be [done/conducted] promiscuously, for the reason evaluate must be done based on certain principles.

After us know difference about tes, measurement, and evaluation we earn to know [relation/link] among third its[his].

Thereby measurement and tes [is] inseparable something that. But [do] not that way the things of [among/between] evaluation and measurement.. Measurement provide medium able to be used to collect needed information, tes [is] or appliance of instrunem used to collect information. Evaluation [is] process assign value or price of gathered data. Through measurement of processed quantitative data and assessed till become value having the character of qualitative. gathered to be data to be used as [by] information materials to take decision ( do target which have been specified [by] have been reached?, do protege obtain;get progress meaning?

Evaluation have to represent activity which must be [done/conducted] continuously from each;every program, because without evaluation difficult to know if, when, where, and how changes will be made.
Evaluation [do] not only limited in depicting congeniality to depict someone status compared to other group member. But more important, evaluation executed in order to depicting reached progress by someone. In consequence evaluation have to comprehend as part of integral of management a program, what always early from understanding of to student

Target of Measurement and Evaluation
Measurement and evaluation in the field of education in general and sportmanship specially have very important role. Measurement and the evaluation aim to to: ( 1) grouping, ( 2) assessment ( 3) motivation ( 4) research. This determination can be used to determine storey;level, freeing participant from a[n unity of Iesson, boosting up participant from a[n storey;level to a peg higher, giving feed back to improve;repair [job/activity] unjuk, placing individuals into certain groups or determine a[n special practice form. In the first place, determination of status include;cover all other targets [of] evaluation and measurement
1.     grouping
One of [the] target of evaluation and measurement is to subdividing. This Pengelompokkan can pursuant to skilled storey;level, age, gender, condition of health, enthusiasm. As effort to improve;repair study process, teacher can place its student into certain groups, as according to its ability storey;level. high student ably [do] not have to be forced to stay with friend a group of capable less, and so do on the contrary. [done/conducted] of student evaluation and measurement can be grouped [by] [at] correct group.

If student placed in equivalent group [of] its [his/its] storey;level, teacher can compile Iesson program individually. Other advantage which obtained from this pengelompokkan [is] student can dare to, more fluent, more active when exercising, because them vie with equivalent capable other student. Equally, target of location of student into equivalent group is to improve;repair study process.

2.     Assessment.
Research [is] to [done/conducted] investigation systematically to increase science. Quality of collected data base on for example: correctness and accuracy of measuring instrument, measurement technique, and elegibility of tes.
      By using unjuk tes work physical in research, can assist teacher / coach in compiling correct practice program, assisting to solve internal issues process study, and improve;repair practice program which have been run. Thereby research can be considered to be medium. With research grow knowledge of which can developed. Knowledge base on correct information and collected data or seksama [pass/through] planned measurement procedure carefully. Information of data collected to the target of research have to evaluate will its [his/its]. Become a[n target of important of evaluation and measurement [is]

Domain ( measured Domain).
      In physical education or athletic scope, measurement [done/conducted] [by] [at] domain:
  1. Measurement of domain of kognitf.
Measurement [at] this domain [is] [done/conducted] to measure knowledge had referring to technique, regulation, and athletic stretegi-strategi, concept referring to development and way of maintaining freshness of bodily, way of wounded prevention, etc.
  1. Measurement of effective domain.
Measurement [at] this domain measure enthusiasm, attention, attitude, feeling, and value in its [relation/link] with physical activity having a meaning (of). Besides also measure the nature of is aggresive, addictive [of] berkatih, and dread in face of competition.
  1. Measurement of domain of psikomotor.
Measurement in this domain measure skill of motorik, growth of motorik, and freshness of bodily In general psikomotor tes cover two matter: product performa of motorik ( speed, strength, keajegan of service, etc) and process execution of performa of pattern used to service badminton for example


In general, action tes or performance of motorik [is] always accompanied [by] guide of execution of tes. Consumer of tes have to really is following the scent [of] execution of tes which have there [is]. Product of performance of motorik for example ability of elementary motion, skill of basket, tennis service, jump power vertical, etc.

Scale, checklist used to express enthusiasm, attitude, behaviour, habit, growth, or behaviour maturity.

his Measurement technique need answer written from testi. There are two type of tes write, namely objective tes and esai ( breakdown of).
Objective Tes contain questions of structure which have finely. Participant of tes needn't bear idea, and [do] not be claimed [by] the existence of organizational ability [of] answer. In general, objective form tes have prepared answers to be selected. Participant of tes only require to recognize assumed [by] answer [is] correctness.
In general tes form esai ( uraian) in the form of pregnant questions [of] problems, and need solution, breakdown of, or clarification as its answer. individuality of Tes this [is] free student give its answer. Free student chosen assumed approach precisely in finishing asked problems, compiling and its own answer organization, and also give emphasiss to answer aspect. On that account tes form esai give opportunity to participant of tes to express, to bearing, and integrating its ideas. Which require to be paid attention in compilation of problem items this form of [is] formulation of told problem. Target formula shall very clear so that each;every participant of tes can catch the problem of which [is] told precisely such such as those which by compiler of tes. For the purpose, in formulating target [is] usually used [by] sentences able to clarify the problem of which [is] told.

By means of ... measure this can tester obtain;get data or information directly from statutory individual in this time deportment parihal, confidence, attitude, enthusiasm, etc. Kuisioner consist of question network in the form of written which must be [replied/ answered] by responder. If the question network [submitted/sent] verbally, and claim answer verbally, named [by] interview.

such with principle here [is] manual or guidance in [doing/conducting] activity of evaluation and measurement [so that/ to be] reached [by] function expected. To specify and execute a[n a success evaluation program, we have to know some the following principles:.
  1. an measurement program and evaluation have to in harmony with the basis for education philosophy and policy of education institute which [is] pertinent.Hal is important to preventing [him/ it] it[him] conflict and useful for thewatering down of support and also cooperation either in [among/between] physical education teacher and also [among/between] teacher with head.
  2. Measurement must be done based on target of program and executed in order to development or completion of target. Thereby the target of which wish to be reached be clear, and so do its phasing have to be legalistic [of] growth and growth of child. Evaluation represent appliance to control program [so that/ to be] its zero in on.
  3. Testing [is] the part of measurement, and measurement represent the part of evaluation. Testing aim to to provide information to be used [by] for evaluation.
  4. Result of testing have to be interpreted in context growth of individual by totally including physical aspect, intellectual, emotional, social, and moral. Principal this relate to election of measuring instrument or of tes to be used, demarcation of scope to each;every class level or education ladder.
  5. Testing in physical education and health early from elementary ascription that any attribute [at] one can[in] tes and measured. Besides physical dimension or is skilled, cognate ability which concerning trouble-shooting or knowledge, and dimension of afektif which concerning nature of personality, altogether basically can be measured or dites. But attribute which [is] that dites only in the form of or sample assumed can deputize the nature of such as a whole. In physical education and health, we have never obtained absolute score because always there [is] deviation or error of score which in fact. Equally, score the obtained [is] score which in fact [is] added with its deviation.
  6. Ability early student have to know [is] henceforth compared to result of tes in next opportunity. Difference [among/between] tes early and final tes show the change in acquirement score form, or descriptive presentation
  7. Quality of measuring instrument or tes have to be paid attention because will influence quality of obtained data. Quality of evaluation base on quality of data, and data quality base on quality of measuring instrument or tes. For the reason selected tes have to be valid, reliabel. About criterion chosen tes [is] presented [at] chapter 2.

  1. Formative Evaluation and Evaluation of Sumatif
Based on execution moment and its its[his], evaluation can be differentiated [by] formative menjadi:evaluasi and evaluation of sumatif. Formative evaluation aim to to complete program and watch progress of student. This evaluation [is] [done/conducted] [in] in between program which underway, with a purpose to [so that/ to be] its result can be used to complete program. Execution of tes periodical and [done/conducted] several times, like weekly tes, monthly.
            Evaluate sumatif [is] executed evaluation by the end of a[n program, for example is final [of] chess of wulan, final [of] semester. obtained value [at] evaluation of sumatif [is] usually reported in the form of notification, whereas its result [is] expressed in the form of certain value or in the form of report descriptively
  1. Product evaluation and Evaluation Process
Based on of special targets [of] program, we earn to emphasize attention of us [at] yielded product of unjuk work physical, process yielding product, or both. For example, in product evaluation, determining end result sequence in race run 10 Km only needing time note a needed to runner pass through over race. If nita have an eye on to improve;repair style run [all] runner, hence we need to analyse process the happening of motion run, including aspects like location of runner foot/feet, arm oscillation, long [of] step, skewness of body etcetera. This matter represent process evaluation. To most activity, we put attention to both goodness evaluate process and also product. Some activity for example gymnastic, more lending itself to evaluation process than product evaluation. Do us chosen to evaluate process or product or both from a[n [job/activity] unjuk, hence [the] mentioned will determine type of tes we to select;choose or compile
  1. Evaluation Reference Directive and Reference Norm
Teacher, feel important to interpret information meaning or data which result of pengetesan. For example [at] a class which consist of 40 student people. Student of A obtain;get value 25 in tes freshness of bodily for the item of push-up tes. What [of] meaning assess 25?
            If which [is] applied [by] norm reference evaluation, hence which [is] used as [by] criterion [is] group norm. For example ability of mean 40 student in push-up [is] 20 times, hence pursuant to mean [of] ability of student of A can be interpreted. This means, in comparison with its classmates [of] ability of student of A reside in of mean.
            Reference directive evaluation use standard directive as its reference. For example a Lecturer contend that [so that/ to be] can pass [at] number run 100 metre, a student have to earn going through [him/ it] during at the most 13,5 second. Stipulating of Directive often generate problem, especially about directive boundary. To specify directive boundary have to be considered [by] domination degree  related to growth and growth of student.
            Both [of] approach above, each owning excess and weakness. Usage of norm reference evaluation give opportunity to student to succeed, but on the contrary can generate negative impact, because student emulated in its group. Student which (it) is true weaken kemampuanyya, will always reside in low position and have never experienced of success.
            Reference directive evaluation more pre-eminent in the case of presentation domination of items, because student claimed to be able to have ability with certain storey;level. Its weakness [is] used directive base on consideration of pertinent teacher

  1. Integrity
  2. Evauasi must be done with integrity principle [among/between] target of instruction intrusional, study items and method of instruction
  3. Involvement of educative participant
  4. This principle represent a[n absolute matter, because involvement of educative participant in evaluation is not alternative, but absolute requirement
  5. Koherensi
  6. Evaluation have to relate to instruction items which have been studied and as according to domain ability of educative participant which will be measured is
  7. Pedagogic
  8. Need the existence of assessor tool of pedagogic aspect to see change of behavior and attitude so that in the end result of evaluation can become motivator to student x'self
  9. Akuntabel
  10. Result of evaluation shall become appliance of akuntabilitas responsibility materials or to the interested parties like student old fellow, school, and is other

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