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Never Too Love Or Hate
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Do not be too fond of the one you love is not necessarily one day he will be your enemy otherwise you shall not hate your enemies one day he will not necessarily be the person you love

The above are the words of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib karamallahu wajhah summarized in the book Nahj Balaghah.
In living life we ​​always have people who love even our loved ones too. We love our spouses, our families and our friends. Love it so high up that if one day when they leave, feels a deep sadness.

Similarly, the hatred. Usually we also have people who hate both because of his behavior, the relationship is not well in the past, as well as various other things. Sometimes the hatred is so great that a person feels happy if the person who hates to get the accident, even due to excessive hate to hear namaya we already do not like let alone met.

To go back to saying that Imam Ali at the top, he was taught to be mediocre even we are required to position themselves in the middle of when love and hate soseorang. We may love someone but one day turn into hate. Or vice versa is a time to hate someone we love. Humans should aspire, but still the future is something supernatural in his knowledge.

Speaking in a broader context, love and hate this shall apply also to many other things in life. We love the hard-earned treasure collected, we love the vehicle to be proud of, we also love the children as the successor to the offspring. What if one day what we love is taken back by the owner? Should we grieve or so to keep smiling and take off with full compliance?

Man never knows what is best for himself before God opened a personal secret for each person. Often we feel something is good but maybe worse. And instead we feel something is bad when in fact good for us. Good and bad is often measured by our lust and passions. What we think is good because it is fun and what we think is bad because it makes it difficult.

Good and bad is often measured by our lust and passions. What we think is good because it is fun and what we think is bad because it makes it difficult.
This is where religion is taught to take a stand in the middle. We love something because it may not yet know the ugliness in it. And we hate something because it may not yet know the goodness in it.

If explored further, what is presented in a person, good and bad, joy and sorrow, love and hate, actually all derived from a single source. Everything is God living in the present life. If all the guests present were his, then naturally be treated with respect as worthy and welcome guests in our daily lives. Create an enlightened people, something that is pleasant and unpleasant things are basically the same. It will not make them too merry or too mourn the arrival and departure.
Therefore, if the days are not bad, a situation that makes resentment, the attitude of people who are not in place, do not rush to blame anybody. Probably because it was a "guest" which must be accepted and served. Similarly, if through the day a comfortable, easy for the sake of convenience, not too fast asleep. Perhaps because it is also a "guest" who came to the test.

May God teach us to love and hate something right. In closing, let's look at the verse of the Qur'an Sura Hadiid [57] paragraphs 22-23 below:
"No misfortune that befell the earth and (nor) to you (nafs) itself but has been written in the book (Lawh Mahfuz) before We bring it. Verily it is easy for Allah ".
(We describe such) that you may not grieve for what escapes you, and that you do not get too excited about what is given him to you. And Allah loves not any arrogant people who pride themselves again.

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